RN Hamburger Co.

Named after two legendary hamburger creators, Ranhoffer & Nagreen Hamburger Co. proudly serves hot, delicious fresh-off-the-grill hamburger meals that rediscover and redefine flavor's position in Americana.

Yummy History, Modern Mission

RN is not another basic hamburger chain—it's a taste of America's history. RN's menu items derive directly from authentic turn-of-the-century German-American burger recipes. The use of delicious spices and unique side items makes the flavor of RN's burgers stand out from its mass-market competitors.

Delicious Food
for Everyone!

RN's meals satisfy the cravings of families & grandparents, college students & hipsters alike. There is even a line of menu items for those who either do not fancy or cannot digest beef (represented by the secondary burger-stash logo).

No matter what you eat, RN has put the spice back in the bite.

Seeing Double?

That’s right! RN has two mascots—and
two markets. The friendly dapper cow appeals to children and families, whilst
the sophisticated hipster hamburger appeals primarily to young adults,
hipsters, and working people.

The logos also represent RN’s sister
product lines. The burger belongs on the Tupperware of vegan, dairy, gluten-free,
and heart-healthy options. The cow is placed on the Tupperware of RN's main hamburger menu. A colorful version
of the cow is placed on kids meals.