Neb-Nose Nelson

Hey, ma'am or mister! Come to sneak around on this page? AWESOME. Only incurably curious creatures allowed beyond this point!


Neb-Nose Nelson (affectionately one of my first Illustrator projects ever) is a strange little monster that specializes in getting into other people's business.

In fact, it's the family business.

All Neb-sters are especially equipped for slinking, spying, and meddling. They have the acrobatic cunning of monkeys. They can grab things with their suckers and squish into corners like octopi.
And out of the entire Nebs family, little Nelson is by far the sneakiest trickster.

Inspired by characters such as Kevin McCallister and Dennis the Menace, Nelson is the epitome of a mischievous, yet innocent troublemaker. With his cup phone and telescope Nelson communicates with friends and goes on adventures...and spies on neighbors. His tree-house's sweeping views make it the perfect spy base for Nelson and his friends.

Where does the term Neb-Nose come from?

"Don't be nebbie!" is local Pittsburgh Pennsylvania slang that is another way of saying "mind your own business!"

A Neb-Nose would be someone that can't help but stick their nose in other people's business, i.e., a gossip, a sneak, a spy, or a busybody.

To the right is a conceptual sketch of Nelson's family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Nebs, Nelson, and his spirited older sister. Think of the characters from Phineas and Ferb, except every family member is a bit "out of the box." While just as nebby—if not more so—than their children, Mr. and Mrs. Nebs teach their children how to be not only effective but also ethical sneakers.