Lux Ad Series Redesign

The brand story

"Tayah World Furniture" is a fictional high-end antique/old style furniture store. The symbol "Tayah" means "home" in Khmer, the national language of Cambodia. At Tayah World Furniture, furniture is more than just a statement piece. It's a piece of the world at your doorstep.

The audience

Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey would have been more than willing to leave a review for this furniture store...but unfortunately, the main warehouse is located in Atlantis and is therefore inaccessible from our world. Other warehouses...if they exist...are limited stock only.

Tayah World Furniture

Simply, The Three Sisters

Each pamphlet features spellbinding antique furniture and retains the spirit of the places they were retrieved from. In each ad, echoes of ancient India, China, or Roman/Renaissance Italy are present.

The Process

Each page in this ad series was created using a multistep process. The visual elements (background & central graphic) of each piece were created in Photoshop using multiple layers, masks, & other editing tools. The textual elements were added in InDesign, & the logo was brought in from Illustrator. The below are what the ads looked like before the redesign.

The logo is a seal of the Khmer word "Tayah," or "home" in English. The Khmer language is related to Sanskrit & Pali.